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    12-Pack Unsweetened Black Tea

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    The original. What our family grew up on and what created so many positive moments and feelings. This unsweetened blend is made from an aromatic blend of ingredients that are curated to leave you in a happier and calmer state. Whether you're a tea lover or just someone looking for a refreshing beverage, we got you covered. 

    Ingredients: Ceylon Tea, Saffron, Rose Petals.

    Tasting notes: Bold, full, and brisk; but balanced by a delicate and floral essence.

      Ingredients Backed By Science:

      Ceylon tea provides a sustainable energy without the crash of coffee thanks to a protein called L-theanine. This protein is naturally found within tea leaves and enhances attention and concentration when combined with caffeine. This unique property is why the ‘caffeine high’ of coffee and tea are so different from one another.

      Ceylon Tea produces a glowing amber color and offers a beautifully bold, slightly earthy aroma. After one sip you slowly realize why this tea is essential in so many cultures.

      - Rich in antioxidants

      -L-theanine (energy without the jitters)


      Saffron is the world’s most precious and expensive spice. This delicate ingredient is actually produced by picking the stamen of the crocus sativus flower! Known for its golden hue, it has been used and traded for thousands of years. It is packed with mystical benefits that create a noticeably positive change in mood; anecdotally known to make you laugh and smile after ingesting!

      - Enhances mood

      - Antidepressant properties

      - Redduces cravings

      -A powerful antioxidant

      petals are an aromatic herb that produce an unforgettably sweet aroma and pack plenty of health benefits! They are rich in antioxidants, but lack the caffeine that ceylon tea has. The addition of rose petals help smooth the texture and add to the soothing effect you’ll feel after drinking our tea.

      - Smooth and soothing (good for a sore throat)

      - Eloquent aroma

      - High in vitamin C

      Customer Reviews

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      12-Pack Unsweetened Black Tea


      The Tea Infusions is THE BEST TEA I’ve had and I don’t even like tea but I absolutely enjoyed this tea! If I could I would have an endless supply so serious. If anyone is curious to try it out, DO IT, so worth it!

      Perfect for sweet and unsweetened tea lovers alike. What a yummy drink for hot summer day! Or any day! Love the limited ingredients in Tea Infusions by (Ceylon tea, rose petals and saffron). It has just enough flavour, it is delicious and you know what you are paying for. This tea is the perfect amount of sweetness and is super refreshing, either cold or room temperature; The 12 ounce bottles are the perfect serving. I absolutely love it!

      When i first opened the bottle of tea infusion i got a sense of euphoric aromatherapy, once i tasted all natural ingredients it reminded me of my grandmothers tea she used to make for me as a child. Tea was amazing to say the least. The hint of saffron was like finding a toy in a cracker jack box, a hidden surprise i know everyone will love. Tea infusion by Nas is worth every penny.

      This is the best tea ever!

      You haven’t fully appreciated iced tea until you have experienced Tea Infusions. With age and maturity brings wisdom. You grow up drinking what you know and normally it’s commercial garbage that is not known for taste. Tea infusions is the most unique and flavorful tea I’ve ever had in my life. The combinations of saffron, rose petals and ceylon tea create this dynamic combination of liquid gold that presents you with the peace of relaxation and satisfaction. It truly puts me in my happy place!!! Don't sell yourself short...invest in a beverage that will invest in your mind, body, and soul. Say no to the trash and invest in Tea Infusions.

      The first time I tried Tea Infusion was so refreshing!! Not only was the taste smooth, it put me in such a relaxed mindset and mood. I could tell instantly I wanted more!

      Joy in a bottle! The first time I tried Tea Infusions I loved it. The sweetened black tea was so good. Then I learned that each bottle goes to support mental health. What a combination - Joy and hope together in one bottle.

      Enhance Your Mood

      Calm State of Mind
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