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    Ceylon Tea & Rose Petals

    Ceylon tea provides a sustainable energy without the crash of coffee thanks to a protein called L-theanine. This protein is naturally found within tea leaves and enhances attention and concentration when combined with caffeine. This unique property is why the ‘caffeine high’ of coffee and tea are so different from one another.


    Rose petals are an aromatic herb that produce an unforgettably sweet aroma and pack plenty of health benefits! They are rich in antioxidants, but lack the caffeine that cecylon tea has. The addition of rose petals help smooth the texture and add to the soothing effect you’ll feel after drinking our tea.




      Saffron is the world’s most precious and expensive spice. This delicate ingredient is actually produced by picking the stamen of the crocus sativus flower! Known for its golden hue, it has been used and traded for thousands of years. It is packed with mystical benefits that create a noticeably positive change in mood; anecdotally known to make you laugh and smile after ingesting!

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