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    We are a family recipe, a lifestyle, and a conscious company. We provide an aromatic blend of ingredients curated to enhance your mood and offer a sip of relaxation, leaving people happier one tea at a time.  

    Aside from the smooth and delicious flavor that keeps our drinkers reaching for more, Tea Infusions is packed with benefits for health and mood. Allow the antioxidants and anti-depressant properties of the tea blend to propel you into a calmer state of mind.

    Yes, 50mg of caffeine per bottle.

    You do not need to refrigerate our bottles for storage as they are a shelf-stable product, but we recommend drinking them ice cold!

    When stored safely, our drinks can last up to 2 years so as long as they are unopened/undamaged. Once opened, the drink needs to be refrigerated if you plan to finish it at a later time. But why wait?

    Try and see! All of our tea contains saffron, which is anecdotally known to make you smile and laugh after ingestion!

    All of our drinks are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO. We are working on obtaining our non-GMO certification and will update our new labels with this information.

    Email us or call my cell 330-647-5411


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