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    Our Story

    Co-founders Armon and Irvin are brothers on a mission to leave people happier through the power of tea. Their motive was to produce something to combat the daily stressors and anxieties that plague us all. That’s why they bottled their family’s tea recipe! It enhances the mood and offers a sip of relaxation when you need it most. To further the goal of leaving people happier one tea at a time, Tea Infusions takes a percentage of their profits and donates it towards mental health research.


    Our family’s tea recipe has always been with us. Carved into our daily routines, we sip on this blend day and night. The tea always seemed to have a mystical ability to both uplift and calm our parents after drinking it. This effect never made sense until our mother told us how each ingredient affected those who drank it. The ceylon tea provides sustainable energy without the crash of coffee thanks to proteins like L-Theanine. The rose petals add to the aroma and smooth out the flavor and texture of the tea. Finally, the magic of saffron is what creates the euphoric feeling and leaves you smiling and laughing to your own surprise! Saffron is known to be a mood enhancer with antidepressant properties. Within these ingredients is ancient knowledge passed down from generation to generation, and ultimately down to us. The benefits we gained from this tea blend have impacted every aspect of our lives, so we decided to bottle these feelings and offer it to you!


    Our Mission

    A percentage of our profits will be donated to help fund mental health research aimed at increasing awareness, empowering advocacy, and finding cures for brain and behavioral disorders.

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